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Camp Kivita – Camp for Kids with Organ Transplant and End Stage Organ Disease-
Thanks to the DFF this will be our 6th magical summer!

By: Stacey Bar-Ziv, Emily Ghent & Christina Kosar

Camp for children with chronic illnesses can be life changing. Camp Kivita, a camp for children living with solid organ transplants – heart, kidney, liver, lung and intestinal transplants, and those with end-stage organ failure, was founded based on a need for children with transplants and end stage organ disease to have the opportunity to meet other children who have had similar healthcare experiences and to have a normal childhood camp experience that improves their sense of competency, independence, self-esteem, make new friends, learn new skills, and just have fun!

Thanks to the support of the David Foster Foundation of Canada, this will be our sixth summer operating, but we believe it will be our best yet! Growing from 30 campers in 2009, we expanded in 2011 to allow children waiting for a transplant and living with end stage intestinal, liver and kidney disease (on dialysis) the opportunity to attend camp. In 2013 it was time we needed more space and to expand programming and leadership opportunities for our children so we teamed up with Camp Wenonah. Summer 2014, being held Aug 10-16, 2014 promises to be our biggest an d most magical summer yet with up to 65 campers!

Camp Kivita is organized by the Transplant Camp Board and leadership team, a group of volunteers passionate about ensuring that all children with transplants and organ failure have the opportunity to attend summer camp. We continue to strive to allow all children who are medically stable after transplant or those living with end stage organ disease the opportunity to attend camp at no cost to experience the magic of camp. Camp could not happen without the generous financial support of our financial donors and partners like the David Foster Foundation! We thank you fromteh bottom of our hearts, lungs, livers and kidneys!
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 Camp 2

Johnny (kidney transplant recipient)

“Camp means everlasting bonds with amazing friends who know the struggles of life. We know that each day is a gift and camp gives us that escape that we need to get our minds off of our health issues. Camp also gives us a chance to do things we may never do which is so much fun!!!”

    Camp 3

Regan (kidney transplant recipient)

 “Anyone who asks me how my summer this year was has always gotten the same answer – Camp Kivita was definitely the highlight of my summer. The entire experience just meant so much to me because I made many new friends who I could easily relate to since we all had transplants. I loved getting to know people who have been through the same things that I have.