Felix Dickson (10 yrs.) Liver transplant Recipient from Living Donor
Cora Dickson (3 yrs.) Kidney Transplant Recipient from Living Donor
Puslinch, ON

Chad & Sharlene Dickson welcomed their 3rd child and first son Felix into the world where he was diagnosed shortly after birth with a condition known as Biliary Atresia a rare liver disease one in 18-20,000 babies are born with. This disease can affect both the bile ducts inside the liver or outside the liver. In an effort to treat the life-threatening condition doctors performed a Kasai procedure which helps to open up the bile ducts and allow. He developed cirrhosis of the liver and accompanying ascites, but life continued on for the family as they continued to feed Felix only healthy foods and natural vitamins in order to give him the best chance possible for a healthy life. Life carried on for Felix and his family adjusted to his normal routine. One night Felix came into his parent’s bedroom vomiting blood. He was taken to MacMaster Hospital where he was stabilized, and referred to Toronto Sick Kids hospital for a transplant assessment. It did not take long for doctors to confirm he met all the criteria for a liver transplant. Felix’s father Chad Dickson who had 3 other daughters immediately volunteered as a living donor. After testing was completed the family received the call that Chad was approved to be Felix’s living liver donor. On Felix’s 8th birthday Chad successfully donated a part of his liver to Felix. Felix was initially recovering well but began to have complications are required further surgery. After 6 weeks Felix was discharged from hospital to join his family and to continue their recovery at home. Felix’s energy continued to improve along with his physical development, and concentration and ability to focus.

For the Dickson family all should have been well, but they soon needed to turn their focus to their youngest daughter Cora who had been diagnosed with kidney cysts a few days after her birth. Doctors initially surgically repaired her ureters, but it was only a temporary fix, and the family needed to prepare themselves for future dialysis, or the possibility of a kidney transplant. Cora continued to live with chronic kidney disease until it became apparent she too was going to require a transplant assessment. Again the family returned to Toronto SickKids hospital where Chad stepped forward to become a living organ donor once again to donate one of his kidneys to save his daughter just a little more than a year after donating a large portion of his liver.
After receiving approval for a second time Chad woke post-surgery relieved to find out the transplant went well, and Cora was the proud new owner of one of his kidneys. Today both Cora and Felix continue to grow and are healthy although they will continue to require ongoing medical follow-up for their transplants. Through it all there was a reassurance that they we were cared for by their faith in God, the medical team, friends, family, and by the David Foster Foundation