We are thrilled to announce that the DFF Gala App is now available in the App Store and Google Play! We have teamed up with Flybits to deliver an innovative, enhanced mobile experience at our upcoming Gala & Concert on September 26th at Mattamy Athletic Centre!

The DFF Gala app will feature Red Carpet highlights, live voting, artist bios and social media accounts, sharable images, direct car service options, auction items, and much more! In addition, it will give gala guests and concert-goers the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes sneak peak of what the evening has to offer, as well as to learn more about how to make a difference through our Sponsor a Family campaign.

With months of preparation, tests, and trial runs, we are excited to share with you an enhanced mobile experience of our Gala. Not attending this year? That’s okay! The DFF Gala app will make you feel like you are a part of the evening with live updates, images, and polling!

A huge thank you to our Digital Innovation Partner, Flybits, and their hard-working team for capturing the class and elegance of the Foundation in a mobile experience.

Flybits is the only context-as-a-service solution, providing instant cloud access to everything needed to transform mobile experiences from generic and static to personalized and dynamic. Flybits is the easiest way for iOS and Android developers to integrate and use multiple sources of contextual information – from location to social profiles, user behavior and preferences, environmental data, and beyond. Flybits lets marketing people and other non-coders change an app’s content and behavior on the fly, as they refine their mobile Internet strategies. Using Flybits brings faster time-to-market, unprecedented agility, lower development cost, higher consumer engagement and satisfaction, and increased brand value. For more information, please visit flybits.com and follow us at @flybitsinc.

To learn more about the DFF Gala app, please visit: www.davidfostermiracleconcert.com/DFFGalaApp.

Download the DFF Gala app today!