By becoming a registered organ donor, you may save a life someday. There is a chronic shortage of most organs needed for transplant in Canada and the United States– currently, more than 4,500 Canadians are waiting for organ transplants, and too many of them are children.

Organ transplantation is one of the most remarkable success stories in the history of medicine. After one year, liver and kidney transplant recipients enjoy a survival rate that exceeds 85%. For more info on organ donation…

Transplants are also cost-effective. For each person with kidney disease, the average cost of dialysis treatment is $50,000 per year. The cost of a kidney transplant is approximately $20,000, with an additional $6,000 per year for anti-rejection medicines.

Organ and tissue donation provides each of us with a special opportunity to help others. Sharing your decision to be an organ donor with your family is as important as making the decision itself. Sharing your decision now will help your family to carry out your decision later. It is necessary for you to document your decision by completing a donor registration card. In some provinces, this can easily be done on-line.

To become a registered organ donor in the United States, please visit: U.S. Government Information on Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation.

In Canada, each province has its own organ and tissue donation system. To find out more information on the program in your region, please choose the appropriate province/territory:

British Columbia

To check your registration status or to become an organ donor visit BC Transplant Society’s website to register at


The Alberta Organ and Tissue Donation Registry was created in April 2014. There are two ways you can register to become an organ and tissue donor:

  1. You can register online at
  2. You can register at a registry agent office. Over 90% of registry agents in Alberta can help you register to be a donor.  All registry agents should have this ability by March 2015.  More information is available at


To become an organ donor, place the orange “organ and tissue donor” sticker (included in each health services card package) on your health card. To receive a sticker call Saskatchewan Health at 1-800-667-7551.


To check your registration status or to become an organ donor visit Manitoba’s Sign Up For Life website to register at


To check your registration status or to become an organ donor visit Ontario’s visit Be a Donor website to register at


To become an organ donor in Quebec, obtain a free donation sticker available at CLSCs, hospitals or drugstores and apply it to your health card. Quebec Transplant coordinates organ donation in Quebec. For more information, visit their website, or phone them at 1-877-463-6366.

Nova Scotia

To become an organ donor in Nova Scotia, visit Legacy for Life’s website  at to download the form or call MSI at 496-7008 in HRM or toll-free at 1-800-563-8880 to do it through your health card.

New Brunswick

To become an organ donor in New Brunswick, check the appropriate box and sign your Medicare renewal form or call 1-888-762-8600.


To become an organ donor in Newfoundland, visit Eastern Health’s website at  or call 709-777-6600 or Toll free 1-877-640-1110.

Prince Edward Island

To become an organ donor in PEI even though there is no official registry you can do one of the following:

  • You can place a red sticker on your P.E.I. health card. The sticker is mailed to you with your health card renewal form.
  • You can have a red heart engraved on your driver’s license at the time of renewal. If you have already renewed your driver’s license, you can still go to the Ministry of Transportation offices and they will add it for free.
  • You can express your wish to donate organs and tissues in writing when preparing your health care directive.


To become an organ donor in the Yukon contact the Yukon Organ Donor Program at 867-667-5209; or 1-800-661-0408, local 5209.

Northwest Territories and Nunavut

The back of your Health Care card is the donor card. To receive your Donor’s card contact Alberta’s:

Northern Alberta – Edmonton
H.O.P.E. Program – Northern Alberta
(Human Organ Procurement and Exchange)
Clinical Sciences Building, 8-110
8440-112th Street
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2B7