In little Owen’s first 2 years of life, he spent 194 nights in hospital on top of the numerous day visits to clinic, assessments, and therapy.  Owen was born with end stage renal failure and underwent 17 surgeries before his kidney transplant.

Prior to his kidney transplant, Owen was required to remain on dialysis for 12 hours every evening under constant surveillance as a precaution due to a previous cardiac arrest in hospital from aspiration.  Every night a nurse was required to monitor his vitals to prevent further cardiac arrests.  The family spent two years not knowing if each day might be the last all the while trying to maintain a normal life for their other 2 children. Throughout Owen’s life, the family was separated by overnight hospital stays requiring both Travis and mother Sarah to be in attendance for critical medical decisions   The family travel from London to SickKids hospital in Toronto where Owen and his father Travis were assessed for a living donor transplant.  To save Owen’s life Travis donated one of his kidneys to Owen on April 13, 2016.  Travis recovered as quickly as he could so he could return to care for his other children back in London while Sarah remained at Owen’s side through the remainder of his recovery in Toronto until he was transferred back to Children’s Hospital at London Health Science Centre.

The David Foster Foundation assisted the family with the additional expenses of accommodation and parking during the transplant.  “It was always nice to know the David Foster Foundation was there to assist us if needed.  When you have difficult decisions to make daily it is nice to know that finances are taken care of.” Travis Buskard (Father of Owen)