Ryker Slaney 2/12 years old – Living Donor Kidney Transplant Recipient

At five weeks of age, little Ryker’s kidneys failed and he was put on perineal dialysis a short week later. Ryker spent the first year of his life hooked up to the machine 12-hours a day. Ryker was unable to develop like a normal toddler and his daily life revolved around medical care. When Ryker was 22-months-old, he was listed for a kidney transplant at BC Children’s Hospital. Since BC has one of the longest median wait times for a kidney in Canada, Ryker’s dad underwent testing to become his living donor. According to the Kidney Foundation of Canada, a living donor makes 40% of all kidney transplants possible.

After five long months of preparation and bumps in the road, Ryker’s dad successfully donated his kidney on October 4, 2016. Ryler’s Mom, Magda, was unable to work due to Ryker’s illness and remained the primary caregiver for Ryker while he and Mark were in hospital recovering from the surgery. The David Foster Foundation supported the family’s  added costs from the transplant (hotel, travel, etc.) and the family’s non-medical living expenses leading up to and during the transplant. This allowed the Slaney family to focus on Ryker. This July, Ryker will be celebrating his third birthday just eight short months after his transplant. Today, his parents find it hard to keep up with him now that he can not only walk, but also run after the life-saving transplant.