February 13, 2012 -“There is not a word that describes my reaction-it doesn’t exist in the English language.   When I first worked with Whitney during “The Bodyguard” she was like a thoroughbred race horse – no tricks, no gimmicks, no warm-up – just get up to the mic and get the job done!! – better than anyone else on the planet.  This was the voice that record producers dreamed of working with.  I got butterflies.  She was pure magic. She was iconic.   I am not interested in the rumors about how she died – no one knows what it was like to walk in her shoes.


People will blame Bobby Brown. People will banter on about drugs. People will talk about the train wreck of the VH 1 reality show. People will speculate about things both true and untrue…. I think we should remember the joy she brought to the world.


I had the pleasure and privilege of having an up close and personal front row seat to the greatest of them all.”


David Foster

16-time Grammy Winning producer and songwriter

Chairman of Verve Records