Élissa Grondin (5 Years) Heart Transplant Recipient
St-Denis de Brompton, QC

Élissa was born with three heart malformations. She was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease and cardiomyopathy, a chronic disease of the heart muscle that usually leads to heart failure. Although she has undergone three different surgeries since she was born she was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit at Chu Saint Justine Hospital in Montreal on September 29, 2015 with a heart function of less than 30%. Élissa’s parents were required to quite their jobs and relocate too Montreal 150 km from the family’s home in St-Denis de Brompton to be by Élissa’s side and care for their younger son. In order to buy Élissa so time until a donor could be found Élissa was place on a Berlin Heart a pediatric ventricular assist device is a mechanical cardiac support system for critically ill pediatric patients on Feb 17, 2016. She suffered many complications and Élissa’s condition was very unstable. After six long months and Élissa heart function at 13% Élissa’s parents Josée Scantland and Patrick Grondin receive the news they were so desperate to hear “A donor heart had been found for Élissa.” On March 29th 2016 Élissa underwent a life saving heart transplant.

The David Foster foundation is very proud to have be able to support the family with accommodations, meals, parking, and some household expenses so they could be together to support one another during their wait, and Elissa’s recovery.
Today Élissa’s remains in the Intensive Care Unit at Chu Saint Justine Hospital with her family by her side recovering from her heart transplant. Josée and Patrick continue to advocate for the need for other to become registered organ donors to help save more lives like their beautiful 5-year-old daughter Élissa.