Ella-Marie Moores – Liver Transplant Recipient
Kingston, ON

The Moores family welcomed 3rd child, a beautiful baby girl Ella-Marie into the world on June 8th, 2015. She came home from the hospital June 9th from Kingston General Hospital with a clean bill of health, but at 6 weeks the slight yellow tinge in her eyes had become much more apparent in her skin as well. On July 20th, 2015 she was brought into to their local children’s outpatient clinic, a doctor informed us that the yellowing of her skin and eyes were not common neonatal jaundice. Something was very wrong. Ella was admitted to Kingston General Hospital Pediatric floor that afternoon. Ella-Marie spent 3 days at the hospital before being sent to Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario July 23rd, 2015.

After several days of tests, three hours in surgery, and a cholangiogram on July 31st Ella-Marie was diagnosis was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia. Biliary Atresia is a rare liver disease one in 18-20,000 babies are born with. This disease affects the bile ducts inside the liver or outside the liver, in some cases can affect both, and in Ella-Marie’s case, the bile ducts outside the liver were completely absent. That same day a Kasai procedure was performed on Ella-Marie to help restore bile flow from the liver to the small intestine. Ella-Marie’s Kasai was performed on July 31st the same day of diagnosis 8 hours total in surgery that day. She was 7 weeks Ella-Marie was discharged on August 12th from Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. After two short days at home from hospital, she became ill and was admitted back to Kingston General Hospital pediatric floor, and was then flown to SickKids Hospital in Toronto.

Ella-Marie was hospitalized twice to treated for cholangitis, a common infection after the Kasai where she was treated in hospital on IV antibiotics. The last few days of her antibiotics it was clear that Ella-Marie had fallen into the 50% of children with Kasai to require a transplant before the age of one. On September 17th, Ella-Marie was listed for a liver transplant. Ashley Moores, Ella-Marie’s mom began testing right away to be a living donor even though she had 3 other children at home to care for. Devastatingly after weeks of testing the family was made aware on October 30th, 2015 that mom was not eligible to become Ella-Marie’s living donor. Fortunately, the family received a call from the hospital at 12:40am on November 2, 2015, that a deceased donor had donated the liver Ella-Marie desperately required to save her life.

Ella-Marie was transplanted with her new liver the afternoon of November 2, 2015, and after a lengthy transplant, Ella-Marie was released from the hospital in late December to continue her recovery at home with all her family by her side. The family is very grateful for the financial assistance for mortgage, accommodation and meals, and transportation household expenses the David Foster Foundation was able to provide throughout the transplant with the financial side of things so we can keep our focus on what matters their family and their little Ella-Marie.