Isabelle (Izzy) Campbell (4-years-old) – Living Donor Liver Transplant Recipient

Izzy was born on March 10, 2013. Unfortunately, Izzy failed to thrive. She would not eat, and gained weight very slowly. To the heartbreak of her parents, Izzy was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia, a rare liver disease that causes bile build-up leading to tissue damage and eventually liver failure. At 10 weeks old, Izzy underwent a Kasai surgery that failed and as a result feeding tubes were put in to help her gain weight. Her health continued to deteriorate and in January of 2014, at 10-months-old, she was placed on the wait-list for a liver transplant.

A month later, Izzy suffered from a gastrointestinal bleed and was airlifted from Regina to Edmonton Stollery Children’s Hospital. The family was required to remain in Edmonton, eight hours from their home, while they desperately waited for an organ donor. As time and financial resources were running out Izzy’s mom, Alexis, began the process of testing to become a living organ donor to save her daughter’s life.

On April 14th, 2014, a portion of Alexis’ liver was successfully transplanted into Izzy, giving her a new lease on life. While Izzy and her mom recovered in Edmonton, the David Foster Foundation assisted with their mortgage payments back home so that the family could stay together. In August of 2014, six months after being airlifted out of their lives, the family was finally able to return home to Regina. Izzy slowly began eating on her own and gaining weight. Izzy will be required to take anti rejection medications and attend transplant medical check ups in order to monitor her health, however, her transplant has allowed her to thrive as an active 4-year-old today.