Macy Clark – 5 yrs. Liver Transplant Recipient from Living Donor
Penniac, NB

Macy Isabelle Clark was born November 16th, 2011 in Fredericton, NB. At age one it was discovered that Macy had a damaged liver and it was determined after genetic testing that this was as a result of a genetic disorder called alpha-1 anti trypsin. While Macy’s liver was damaged, it was still functioning adequately and doctors told Macy’s family that Macy’s condition something that could only be monitored and managed, not treated but that it may result in her needing a liver transplant at some point in her life, with no crystal ball to predict when or if they may be. For the next three years Macy a happy and active life, with twice annual check ups at the IWK hospital in Halifax and little evidence of the disorder to her family.

In August 2015 Macy’s health took a quick turn as she contracted an infection. Over the next four months she was hospitalized four times. In September 15, Macy’s specialist at IWK advised her family that her condition was becoming increasingly concerning and recommended she be referred to Toronto Sick Kids hospital for a transplant assessment. On November 2 Macy and her family arrived in Toronto to begin the assessment, a full array of testing on Macy’s body to determine where her liver condition was at and her overall health. On November 6th, the doctors advised the family that Macy needed to be listed on the Transplant Registry to await a new organ as her liver was in steady decline. The same day, her mother, Ashley began her testing at Toronto General Hospital to become a living liver donor. On November 11th after Ashley’s tests were complete the family received the news they had be hoping and praying for- Ashley was a match. Doctors advised the family the transplant was scheduled for just 8 days later – November 19th, which would be just three days after Macy’s fourth Birthday. It was all unfolding very quickly giving Macy’s family little time to prepare for the what to come.

Macy’s amazing social worker at sick kids advised our family of the work the David Foster foundation does and soon connected us with them. The foundation offered our family financial support with flights to and from Toronto, meals and accommodations in Toronto, easing what would have been a difficult financial strain while Macy and Ashley underwent the transplants. On November 19th Macy received 22% of her mother’s liver in successful living donor transplant and 12 short days later was released from hospital full of energy and amazing all of her friends and family. We are so grateful to the David Foster Foundation for being there for our family during an extremely difficult time.