Zoey Haas 3 yrs. – Liver Transplant recipient from Living Donor
Odessa, SK

Zoey was diagnosed shortly after her birth in 2013 with Biliary Atresia is a rare liver disease one in 18-20,000 babies are born with. This disease affects the bile ducts inside the liver or outside the liver causing a buildup that leads to tissue damage and eventually liver failure. Since there is no pediatric transplant program in Saskatchewan the family was required to temporarily relocate from their home in Odessa, Saskatchewan to Edmonton where Zoey would be treated at Stollery Hospital in Edmonton while waiting for her life saving liver transplant.

When a deceased donor could not be found family members stepped up to be tested to be Zoey’s living donor. In the end Zoey’s mom Carmen Welch gave her daughter the gift of life for the second time by donating a large portion of her liver that save her daughter’s life. The David foster foundation was proud to be able to help the family with flights, meals, transportation, mortgage, household expenses, and accommodations in Edmonton, while they waited for transplant, and throughout their transplant journey. Today Zoey enjoys life as a happy health 3-year-old along with her older brother and sister.